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August 11th, 2011

08:17 am
Vogue Girl Magazine Korea - Miss A (미쓰에이) Suzy, Fei, Jia, Min [Fashion ID]

MODELS: Miss A; Fei, Min, Jia, Suzy
BRANDS: H&M, Doho, Troa Cho, With BASE, Namuhana, Jamie & Bell
WHERE TO BUY: Clothing and Accessories - See Captions for Fashion ID, VOGUE GIRL Korea

SOURCE: Vogue Girl Magazine Korea - Miss A [Fashion ID]

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October 17th, 2009

09:58 am - Hii
Hey guys =) I'm half korean and Half american. I've been to Korea a few times, and I LOVE it. Even more I LOVE korean music. 4 minute, 소녀시대, 엪어엨스, 원더걸스,2ne1, 2pm, brown eyed girls, outsider, almost everything. haha. I also have a travel blog about Korea. If you want to read it, http://koreaneater.blogspot.com/ I would love it if you followed =) South Korea is very close to my heart *^_^*

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October 14th, 2009

11:49 am - FREE MP3

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October 11th, 2009

02:16 pm - Ad
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August 20th, 2009

01:16 pm - [Music: Kpop] G-Dragon Vol. 1 – Heartbreaker

RELEASE DATE 2009-08-20
BUY IT: Yesasia

G-Dragon Vol. 1 - Heartbreaker

1. 소년이여 (A Boy)
2. Heartbreaker
3. Breathe
4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
5. Hello (feat. Sandara)
6. Gossip Man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)
7. Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang)
8. What’s Up (feat. Teddy , CL)
9. She’s Gone (feat. KUSH)
10. Hollow
11. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 Year)

DL: G-Dragon Vol. 1 - Heartbreaker


Heartbreaker @ Youtube

Big Bang leader G-Dragon is releasing his first solo album! Hitting shelves on August 18 - G-Dragon's 21st birthday - Heartbreaker has been a long time coming as it was originally scheduled for April, but it's been well worth the wait. Having crafted many of Big Bang's biggest hits, the talented idol lays down the rhymes and beats, updating the Big Bang sound for his solo effort. Title song Heartbreaker continues G-Dragon's style of tongue-twisting rap, catchy beats, and electronic arrangements. Though he's flying solo this time, G-Dragon did team up with other YG Entertainment labelmates and musicians on the album, including Jin Jung for the mid-tempo ballad Butterfly, Teddy and 2NE1's CL for What's Up, KUSH for She's Gone, and 2NE1's Dara for Hello. G-Dragon also crossed over with veteran singer Kim Gun Mo in the exciting collaboration Korean Dream, bringing together two trend-setting K-pop superstars of different generations.

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July 23rd, 2009

09:36 pm - [Music: Kpop] Epik High X Planet Shiver - Remixing The Human Soul

RELEASE DATE 2009-07-25
BUY IT: Yesasia

Epik High X Planet Shiver – Remixing The Human Soul

01. Fly Higher (Feat. Dh-Style)
02. Love Love Loveless (Feat. 융진 Of 캐스커)
03. Breakdown The Wall
04. 버려진 우산 (Feat. Lisa)
05. 1분 1초, A Little Memory (Feat. 타루)
06. Fanatic
07. Back To The Future (Feat. Yankie)
08. You Are The One (Feat. 호란 Of 클래지콰이)
09. High Skool Dropout
10. Remap The Soul (Feat. Myk)
11. 전자깡패 – 삼자돼면(에픽 하이 + 정형돈) [Hidden Track]

[MV] Epik High - Fly @ Youtube

Epik High - Love Love Love [MV] Eng Sub @ Youtube

Epik High broke from the pack earlier this year to set up their own label and manage their own music. For their last album Map the Soul released in March, they spurned all major label attachment, and directly distributed online themselves. Keeping things fresh, their newest Remixing the Human Soul is a remix collaboration with Planet Shiver. The trio, which did a remix of Epik High’s One last year, bring a whole new vibe to hits like Fan, High Skool, and Map the Soul, now rechristened Fanatic, High Skool Dropout, and Remap the Soul. Not just another remix album, Remixing the Human Soul is a serious music project for Epik High as all the songs were rerecorded and remastered for the release. There are also guest artists like Lisa, Taru, Yankie, Horan, and Casker’s Yoong Jin on board.

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July 2nd, 2009

01:18 am - 2NE1 1st Mini Album – 2NE1


BUY IT: Yesasia

2NE1 1st Mini Album:

RELEASE DATE 2009-07-10
LANGUAGE Korean Pop/Dance

01. Fire
02. I Don't Care
03. In the Club
04. Let's Go Party
05. Pretty Boy
06. Stay Together
07. Lollipop feat. Big Bang (Bonus Track)


Dubbed the female version of Big Bang, YG Entertainment's new girl group 2NE1are releasing their first mini-album! Formed by petite rapper and group leader CL, Bom, Minzy, and Dara (Philippines idol Sandara Park), 2NE1 prove their stuff with this explosive seven-track release produced by 1TYM's Teddy, who also wrote most of the songs on the album. Teddy teams up with Kush to create electric hip-hop dance hits like the addictive single Fire and I Don't Care, a mid-tempo R&B number with a reggae melody. Masta Wu also helped lay down some lyrics for the party number Let's Go Party. The super rookies' colorful debut single Lollipop is included on the mini-album as a bonus track.

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June 22nd, 2009

10:17 pm - [Music: K-Pop] Girls' Generation 2nd Mini Album - Genie

RELEASE DATE 2009-06-29
GENRE Pop / Dance
BUY IT: Yesasia

Girls' Generation 2nd Mini Album - Genie

01. 소원을 말해봐(Genie)
02. Etude
03. 여자친구(Girlfriend)
04. 남자친구(Boyfriend)
05. 동화(My Child)
06. 1년 後(One Year Later)

[HD] 090619 SNSD - 말해봐 (Genie) Teaser MV + Lyrics @ Youtube

After setting off a national trend with their record-breaking hit dance song Gee, Girls' Generation is taking the K-pop world by storm again with their second mini-album of 2009! Having just wrapped up their variety program Girls' Generation Horror Movie Factory and Yoon Ah's drama Cinderella Man, the super-cute girl group has the schedules clear for a red-hot summer comeback. This time the group is going with a "marine girl" concept for their album, and promotion photos of the girls in sailor uniforms are already causing a stir among fans!

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May 3rd, 2009

03:40 pm - Younha Vol. 3: Peace Love & Ice Cream
Younha Vol. 3 - Part A: Peace Love & Ice Cream

RELEASE DATE 2009-04-17
GENRE Pop / Dance
RECORD LABEL Doremi Media Co., Ltd
BUY IT: 30% OFF  at Yesasia

윤하 3집 - 파트 A : Peace Love & Ice Cream

01 . Peace Love & Ice Cream
02 . Black Rain
03 . Break Out
04 . 1,2,3
05 . She is
06 . 사랑하다
07 . Luv U Luv U Luv U
08 . My song and...(Korean ver)
09 . 1,2,3(instrumental)
10 . 사랑하다(instrumental)

Peace Love & Ice Cream (Eng Subs) @ Youtube
1,2,3  (Eng Subs) @ Youtube

K-pop sweetheart Younha sings about the three most important things in life - Peace Love & Ice Cream - in her highly anticipated new album. The talented 21-year-old singer has adopted a softer, more feminine look for her album photos, but it's the same strong voice that's leading the way for her third Korean album. Her ten-track release covers acoustic pop, modern rock, and ballads, starting with the charming title song Peace Love & Ice Cream. Other highlights include the powerful rock number Break Out, sensitive ballad "Loves", trendy dance track Luv U Luv U Luv U, and the smooth modern rock number My song and.... April is a very big month for Younha, who has been flying back and forth between Korea and Japan, as her new Japanese movie Next Sunday is also hitting theaters right before her album's release!

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December 4th, 2008

05:56 pm

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